Bumping Lock


Lock Bumping is a potential security used by 90 percent of Americans which many homeowners are unaware of. Here is the brief description of how the residential locks function, what is exactly Lock Bumping, as well as top method to keep your home away from security threat.

Pin Tumbler lockets are installed in average American homes. The main element of Pin Tumbler consists of chains of spring loading stacks which are termed as pin stacks. The pin stack is made up of a key pin, that touches the key which is initially inserted into the lock, and then is the spring driver pin. The lock cylinder is able to turn due to the proper alignment of driver and key pins. When the exact key is inserted into the lock the proper alignment is established. Lock will not open if there is no correct alignment, which may occur due to incorrect key or no key.

Lock bumping is a lock picking method used especially to detour Pin Tumbler locksets.  In the bumping method, you have to support the lock with a key by inserting it into the lock. The need is that the pins of the lock with tumblers need to be bumped properly. This is specifically called as bump key. The key must be entered easily into the hole of the lock where we usually insert the key. After you make that move, try hitting the key with some pressure.